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Balkan countries put their air forces on alert

Balkan countries put their air forces on alert

Nervousness is increasing, in NATO and in the Balkans: not only the undisturbed overflight and crash of a drone in Zagreb, but also bomb alerts in Serbia are creating an increased need for security. Southeast European countries are now increasing the alert.

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24 March 2022 17:09

After drone crashes and reports of bombs on planes, numerous states are alarmed.NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg announced that he would subject the defense alliance’s eastern flank to more intensive air surveillance. A week ago, two American F-16C fighters of the 555 Squadron were transferred from the NATO base in Aviano (Italy) to Croatia to support the MiG-21 aircraft there. One of the reasons for the drone incident: the Pleso airbase in Croatia is only on standby during the day, but the drone came at night.

The interceptors took off several times

Nervousness is growing in several Balkan countries. The Belgrade news portal “Balkanska bezbednosna mreža” reports on incidents in which the air alarm was triggered: Air Serbia and Turkish Airlines flights with a course to Moscow were reported several times, allegedly loaded with explosives. Both the Serbian Air Force with their MiG-29 aircraft and the Hungarian Air Force with a Saab JAS 39 Gripen intercepted these flights and escorted them back into Serbian airspace

The last use for the time being was on Tuesday, also triggered by a Turkish Airlines machine on the flight from Moscow to Istanbul. Romanian F-16 fighters intercepted them and escorted them until exiting Romanian and Bulgarian airspace.

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