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ÖAMTC: Energy cost relief ignores many who depend on the car

ÖAMTC: Energy cost relief ignores many who depend on the car

The federal government is spending two billion euros on measures to relieve the population of rising energy costs: The main focus is on a 50 percent increase in the commuter allowance and a quadrupling of the commuter euro by June 30, 2023. Pensioners, the self-employed and people have none of this who depend on the car in the countryside.

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21 March 2022 10:09

At least that’s how the ÖAMTC sees it – director Oliver Schmerold is also calling for an increase in the kilometer allowance, which would help all those who make private car journeys for their employer. He also welcomed the politicians’ initiative for the competition authority to review the mineral oil industry – the fuel prices, which have been rising in contrast to crude oil in recent weeks, have not only caused a lot of trouble in Austria.

Investments in local transport and renewable energies

For these, only the public alternative remains: The federal government is providing 150 million euros for price reductions and an expansion of services for local transport, announced Finance Minister Magnus Brunner (ÖVP) and Environment Minister Leonore Gewessler (Greens) when presenting the package of measures. Above all, this should make regional climate tickets cheaper.

In addition, “specific energy taxes”, i.e. natural gas taxes and electricity taxes, are to be reduced by around 90 percent by June 30, 2023, which amounts to around 900 million euros in total. Gewessler’s favorite projects, wind power and photovoltaics, will also be supported with a further 250 million euros – according to the minister, with the support package that has already been decided, this amounts to around four billion euros.

However, the CO2 tax planned for July should not be shaken: The “entry price” is 30 euros per tonne of CO2 emitted, which will rise to 55 euros by 2025.

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