Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Hoch’s “Peter” & “Oliver” bring us the Ibiza spring

Hoch’s “Peter” & “Oliver” bring us the Ibiza spring

Finally an end to the cold days: temperatures in Austria are supposed to rise to 18 degrees from Wednesday. The high pressure areas “Peter” and “Oliver” bring a spring with a lot of heat – it is currently so warm in Ibiza, in Agadir or in Cairo.

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19 March 2022 10:11

Although agriculture is complaining about the drought, the warmth that is now coming will do many people in Austria really well: the unsettling pandemic period, the news of the war in Europe, the waves of refugees and the cold and darkness have been a burden for weeks young and old

The eXXpress now has the good news: From Wednesday it’s going to be really warm, the daily maximum temperatures finally reach spring-like 18 degrees, Tuesday already brings 16 degrees. It’s time to put the bike or motorbike away for the winter, enjoy the warm rays of the sun and spend some nice time at a lake (in the picture the Attersee) or in a sidewalk café.

In Cairo, Agadir, Ibiza no warmer than in Vienna this week

In the coming week the same temperature as in Vienna: Ibiza

It won’t get any warmer on the Balearic island of Ibiza than it will be here in the coming week (18 degrees). And not even in Agadir on Morocco’s Atlantic coast or in Cairo in Egypt will the temperatures rise higher in the coming days.

Spring hit: the Attersee in the SalzkammergutPhotos (2): Richard Schmitt sen.

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