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Fuel price mess: Now the cartel lawyer turns on

Fuel price mess: Now the cartel lawyer turns on

Motorists will be happy to hear that: The Federal Cartel Prosecutor wants to check whether everything is going right given the high fuel prices. The sharp rise in prices at the petrol stations cannot be explained by the price of crude oil. The suspicion: unauthorized price fixing.

Rene Rabeder
19 March 2022 12:01

The competition watchdogs should now take a closer look at the petroleum industry. In principle, price increases can be the result of a free market. However, increased prices can also be the result of illegal behavior, for example when companies agree to increase prices in a coordinated manner. In this case a Kartell present.

“Falling prices must reach the people”

“We have to do everything we can to support people who need the car. No one should unfairly capitalize on the crisis. That must be ensured. Falling crude oil prices must quickly be visible at the pumps,” said ÖVP club chairman Alois Wöginger, who welcomed the cartel lawyer’s intervention.

The fuel prices are


The price of crude oil has now almost returned to pre-war levels. But you don’t notice anything at the pumps. Anger at the oil companies and criticism of the long period of inactivity on the part of politicians is growing. The eXXPress reported.

Is “bacon created” here?

One thing seems obvious: The mineral oil companies are currently making really good money in the refinery business. At the beginning of the week, the ÖAMTC saw the oil industry as obliged to explain why the prices for petrol and diesel have risen so much more than the price of crude oil. At the beginning of the week, the price of petrol in Austria mostly fell below EUR 1.9 and diesel below EUR 2.

“The refineries are currently making significantly more money than before. It also cannot be ruled out that some companies tried to build up some fat in order to be prepared for falling prices. The gas stations themselves, on the other hand, have little opportunity to set prices.

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