Monday, May 16, 2022

Randale in Refugee Bus: Returned!

Randale in Refugee Bus: Returned!

This is not how the district administrator had imagined his guests: a bus with 57 people from Eastern Europe should have been accommodated in the district. But they had acted so impossible that they were sent back without further ado.

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16 March 2022 10:36

On Sunday, the first bus with 49 refugees, including six children, reached Miesbach. Twelve of them were Ukrainians. The rest were nationals of African and Asian countries, but they had Ukrainian residence permits. They could all be housed privately.

Refugees preferred to stay in Munich

The second bus on Tuesday was completely different: The exact origin of these “Eastern Europeans” is not exactly known, since all passport documents were missing. During the journey they had already harassed the young driver, the situation had escalated completely when they saw the gym where they were to be accommodated: they had been promised a 3-star hotel. They had previously refused to get off in other places. District Administrator Olaf von Löwis (CSU), himself on site, decided without further ado to send the discerning guests back to Munich, accompanied by a police car. They drove away with jubilation.

The same driver drove the travelers back againTegernsee voice

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