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Russian TV lady showed courage: there has been no trace of her for 12 hours

Russian TV lady showed courage: there has been no trace of her for 12 hours

She caused a stir in front of the camera: Marina Ovsyannikova is suddenly the most famous woman in Russia. She protested against Putin’s war with a poster.

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15 March 2022 13:18

The Internet is overflowing with enthusiasm: As reported by eXXpress, an employee of the popular Russian state television Channel One used a news program to demonstrate against Putin’s war. She held up a sign that said “No War! Don’t believe the propaganda. They lie to you!” and yelled “No to war, no to war, no to war!” until the broadcast was cut short. The TV station is the premier channel of Russian television and is known for its strict loyalty to the state.

With dramatic words against the “fratricidal war”

It has now become known that the courageous peace fighter is Marina Ovsyannikova (44). The daughter of a Ukrainian and a Russian had previously recorded a “confessing video” in which she gave her motives. The war – just the mention of this word is currently forbidden in Russia – is a “crime” for which Vladimir Putin alone is to blame. “Unfortunately, in recent years I have worked at Channel One and dealt with Kremlin propaganda. I’m very ashamed of it now.”

People all over the world are enthusiastic about their campaign, on Facebook more than 100,000 people have marked their profile picture with “I like” and left 44,000 comments.

Marina Ovsyannikova was arrested immediately. Since then, the mother of two children has allegedly not been available even for her lawyers – she faces up to 15 years in prison due to a new media law.

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