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Nerves like steel cables: bomb disposal in Ukrainian

Nerves like steel cables: bomb disposal in Ukrainian

It is not just exploding bombs that pose a great danger: duds also remain a risk, as we know from the World War II bombs that have been found again and again in this country. Since specialists and material are currently scarce in Ukraine, the clearance services are not squeamish when quick action is required.

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14 March 2022 12:41

Footage from Chernihiv in northern Ukraine provides an unpleasant thrill: it shows an undetonated bomb being lifted out of a residential building and loaded onto a truck, which is then used to take it further to be defused.

At least 47 people were killed in a Russian airstrike on the city on March 2, according to Ukrainian sources.

Life-threatening civil courage

A video was already circulating on the Internet last week of a Ukrainian near Berdyansk who, in cold blood and with a cigarette in his mouth, removed an anti-tank mine from a road and then set it down again in the forest.

A Ukrainian removes a mine from a roadblick.ch

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