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Horror video: Russian bullet just missed pensioners in Kyiv

Horror video: Russian bullet just missed pensioners in Kyiv

On the 18th day of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the capital Kyiv was also repeatedly the target of Russian fire: After a block of flats was hit by a rocket in the early hours of the morning, video recordings show the moment when another shell fell just after 11 a.m Pedestrian missed by just a few meters.

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14 March 2022 20:51

Just hours after a Russian missile struck a nine-story apartment block in the Obolon neighborhood (the eXXpress reported), the historic Kurenivka district also became a target of Russian shells. Footage from a surveillance camera aimed at a sidewalk in the neighborhood captured the exact moment of the impact – and shows how the missile, which initial information is said to be an Iksander missile, killed an elderly gentleman by just a few meters missed.

You can see how the pedestrian is walking along the sidewalk, leaning on a walking stick, when he suddenly lifts his head and looks up at the sky – he must have heard the missile approach. Then the bullet hits a building a few dozen meters away, the man follows the scene in disbelief, ducks, looks back, and hurries away as fast as his frail legs can take him.

The man hears something and looks up to the sky…Screenshot

According to Ukrainian sources, the projectile struck a residential building and severely damaged it. At least one person is said to have been killed in the impact, for the time being there was no further information on other injuries and victims.

…when a rocket hits a building just a few meters away from himScreenshot

…after a moment of shock, the man fleesScreenshot

…after a moment of shock, the man fleesScreenshot

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