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Playgrounds, distance rule: Constitutional judges lifted 20 Corona regulations

Playgrounds, distance rule: Constitutional judges lifted 20 Corona regulations

The ex-minister of health and some state governors shot around far too radically last year with Corona regulations: The Constitutional Court has now canceled 20 “orders”, including playground closures and distance rules outdoors.

Richard Smith
12 March 2022 10:38

What was already clear to people with common sense has now also been confirmed by the highest judges of the republic: The list of decisions of the Constitutional Court (VfGH) for 2021 that has now been published shows how much some politicians are too wild in the fight against Corona have shot around with regulations.

Eight of these decisions, which were overturned by the Constitutional Court, came from ex-Health Minister Wolfgang Mückstein (Greens), which makes his resignation seem even more plausible.

Will perhaps first ask the supreme judge: Minister Johannes Rauch

One meter distance lifted outdoors

For example, Mückstein’s ban on February 23, 2021 that “people from outside the household could use a motor vehicle together” was lifted – there was no legal basis. The Constitutional Court also overturned the Minister of Health’s ban on entering leisure and sports facilities issued on March 9, 2021.

Also overturned: The one-meter distance outdoors decided by Mückstein on June 16, 2021 – which probably surprises no one except ex-employees of the Ministry of Health.

The restriction of only being able to consume something while sitting in restaurants has also been lifted. The regulation that the restaurants should not be entered when picking up food did not hold either.

Interesting: The Constitutional Court also states that the mask requirement imposed on customers in business premises on June 8, 2021 is not legally valid.

Unfortunately, VfGH decisions come very late

But several provincial governors also have to stamp out regulations on the Corona measures: As already reported, the theater in the city of Vienna, which is subject to mandatory registration, was not constitutional in all hospitality establishments.

The supreme judges also overturned the city of Graz’s ban on entering private and public children’s playgrounds. And in Vorarlberg, the ban on “take away” meals from “ski huts that cannot be reached by car” was a “violation of the principle of equality” and has therefore been lifted.

What is to be regretted: The VfGH decisions often come months after the regulations pushed through by politicians …

The whole list

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