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Ice hockey: Salzburg is 2-0 – Vienna Capitals and VSV equalize

Ice hockey: Salzburg is 2-0 – Vienna Capitals and VSV equalize

In the quarterfinals of the ICE Hockey League, title favorite Salzburg was able to make it 2-0 against Znojmo in the series. The Bulls beat Znojmo 3-2 on Friday. Fehervar also leads 2-0 against Pustertal. The Vienna Capitals and VSV were able to equalize in the series.

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12 March 2022 09:11

The second quarter-final duels of the ICE Hockey League were on the program on Friday. Red Bull Salzburg was able to make it 2-0 against Orli Znojmo in the series. The Bulls beat the Czechs 3-2. Brian Lebler was the match winner from Salzburg’s point of view in Znojmo with two goals in the final third. The Bulls shot up a 2-1 lead from behind and, after equalizing again, finally left the ice again as winners thanks to their recently signed goalscorer. Lebler scored the decisive goal in the 59th minute. On Sunday, the people of Mozart have the chance to make the preliminary decision in the “Best of seven” series. In the first duel, Salzburg still had the upper hand 3-1.

In the duel between KAC and the Capitals, the away team again came out on top. Lukas Haudum (9th) gave the defending champions the lead in front of 3,600 fans, but a return goal from Nikolaus Hartl (10th), who was also successful in the first game, and a goal from Joel Lowry (35th) turned the tide for the Viennese . In the final phase, the Klagenfurt team caught two empty net hits by Nicolai Meyer (59th) and Lowry (60th). KAC narrowly won the first game in Vienna 2-1 after extra time.

Serious injury to Chris Collins

After the 4:6 defeat in the first meeting, VSV came back with a strong performance in Ljubljana. But the 4:3 win was overshadowed by Chris Collins’ serious injury. The striker, who was checked against the gang at the beginning of the final period, had to be taken to the hospital after a long period of first aid. According to initial information, Collins was responsive and stable on the way to the hospital. Scott Kosmachuk scored the winning goal for the guests (58th). Just before that, two-time goalscorer Anton Karlsson was unlucky with a shot from the pole.

Fehervar, on the other hand, also clearly won in the Pustertal after the 8:1 Schützenfest. The Hungarians prevailed 6-2 in South Tyrol and lead 2-0.

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