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“Think!” – Psychologists want to dissuade Putin from the Ukraine war by letter

“Think!” – Psychologists want to dissuade Putin from the Ukraine war in a letter

One question worries the whole world: how to stop Vladimir Putin? The EU is attempting military aid amounting to one billion euros. NATO countries deliver weapons to Kyiv. A group of psychologists takes up a different weapon – they want to reason with the Russian president with a letter.

Rene Rabeder
11 March 2022 11:37

Psychologists from around 20 countries want to open with one Brief Russian President Vladimir Putin motivate to rethink. “We write an You, to share with you our scientific and practical knowledge of the consequences of a war for those who start the war and to show a way out of this dangerous situation,” begins the letter, signed by almost 40 people from the field.

War has negative effects

With the Brief do you want Putin inform about “negative effects” of his policy, write the psychologists. Creating a world view in which one is positive and the enemy negative “ties up resources and leads to isolation and isolation from political leaders and a bubble of ‘yes-men’ – and they always face the danger that their lies will be exposed,” the authors write.

Will the letter make him change his mind: Russia’s President Vladimir Putin

“Think about it”

“From our psychological perspective, the most important recommendation is to immediately stop acts of war,” the scientists advise Putin. “Think again about what goals you wanted to pursue with the war and what you will actually achieve with violence: for the Russian people and for you personally!” the Brief shoots with the appeal: “Remain open to negotiations!”

The letter could actually reach Putin

The authors do not consider it entirely impossible that the letter will reach Putin. Among other things, the letter was uploaded to an Internet portal through which Russian citizens can write to the president. The signatories also want to reach the critical opposition in Russia and send a signal to Ukraine.

Putin will

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