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Daniela Holzinger: Poor member, what are they doing to you?

Daniela Holzinger: Poor member, what are they doing to you?

Our turbulent times allow us to take a deep look – also behind the scenes of the parties. Ultimately, however, not only members and officials have a lot to swallow, says eXXpress columnist Daniela Holzinger.

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11 March 2022 06:00

degeneration of the party system

Gone are the years when you could still proudly claim to be “in the party” – although the degree of pride has of course always depended on the context. Whether in the country, firmly rooted in the black home soil, or in the red-brick community building, solemnly hanging the flag in the May wind. There were times and there were places where you knew who you were and more importantly that you were who – in the party.

But when today the much-plagued functionary, the remnant of grassroots manual workers, opens the newspaper, then all colors play out. One person’s eyes go black, the other annoyed, black and blue, the third’s face flushes with anger and even with the neo-politicians, the gaudy complexion is likely to fade to old pink after many a fat kick in the cup.

Because instead of integrity in organization, there is corruption, instead of incorruptibility, the U-Committee and instead of personalities beyond any doubt, you give dubious personal statements, fake titles and political refugees. One may almost feel sorry for all those who still hackl for it on a voluntary basis. But let’s take a look at what the base is currently working on…

The new People’s Party in the worst case of the post-short scenario.

There have already been many investigative committees, but one whose attention is focused exclusively on the Chancellor’s Party is new. What has come to light so far in the ÖVP-U committee is likely to turn some people’s worldview in their stomachs.

It is clear that communication takes place (how could it be otherwise) via chats and the actors obviously do not mince their words. It’s just embarrassing that what has always been true applies and every “letter” becomes a “gift”.

Oh, and then there was something about glossed-over polls by a pollster-turned-minister-turned-prisoner. Presumably to get the movement moving and to help Sebastian Kurz to his rightful place in the Chancellery.
It is just surprising that he knows nothing about all this and is obviously the only one who has kept his word. When asked where he saw himself in ten years, the then 27-year-old Foreign Minister replied “not in politics”.

SPÖ: Again nothing with Schadenfreude.

But let’s stay with the story about the souped-up polls for a moment. I mean, a former ÖVP minister in DEtention!? If that isn’t a reason to feel red again on the right side of history? But unfortunately no. According to Karmasin’s former assistant, custom surveys weren’t exclusive to the new style, but rather a blockbuster. “Who pays for it,” says a dictum, and if you believe Beinschab, then the SPÖ should also have made a purchase to get a few percentage points.

Hm, again nothing with Schadenfreude.

Freedom Dilemma.

And even with the Freedom Party, things seem to be anything but smooth these days. I mean, Ibiza and Strache, that wasn’t without it – but at least there was still something to be against. But now? Vaccination suspended, corona measures almost abolished and even Kickl gets stuck in his throat when his Russian friends sneakily attack a neighboring European country. So what to do, so completely useless? “Refugees welcome” perhaps?

Green Dogma and Pink Old School Party.

Normally it means one person’s suffering and the other person’s joy, but no matter how hard I try, party politics has little to offer these days, even on a small scale. Although the Greens change social affairs ministers almost every week, they remain firm on the CO2 tax. If the coalition junior partner has its way, a fuel price of currently €2.10 for a liter of diesel should still not be enough of a deterrent. Who knows, maybe they have ordered studies from Karmasin that predict a complete collapse of private mobility for only €2.20? A nice sacrifice for the climate god.

That leaves the Neos. Yes, the Neos… it’s a pity that the Strolz is gone…

With only 26 years of age Daniela Holzinger-Vogtenhuber for the first time in the National Council. Soon known as an SPÖ rebel, she repeatedly opposed the obligation to join clubs and ultimately successfully advocated the strengthening of parliamentary control rights. In 2017 she finally broke with her former party, but was able to maintain her mandate in the snap elections. This time, regardless of party, via a ticket on the NOW list, where she became the “hardest-working” female MP in Parliament. Today, Holzinger-Vogtenhuber is a senior partner in an agency for political consulting and a passionate eXXpress columnist.

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