Wednesday, May 18, 2022

The Phantom of Moscow: Netz mocks Putin

The Phantom of Moscow: Netz mocks Putin

One is celebrated, the other mocked: After the Phantom of Kyiv, a pilot who is said to have knocked out six Russian jets, the Phantom of Moscow is now going viral on social networks.

editorial staff
9 March 2022 09:04

He’s a social media hero: the Phantom of Kyiv. This is a Ukrainian fighter pilot who is said to have brought down six Russian jets with his “MiG-29 Fulcrum”. But a phantom is also up to mischief on the Russian side. It said on Twitter: “The CIA has released a photo of the Phantom of Moscow. This destroyed the Russian economy within a week.” There is also a picture of Vladimir Putin.

Meme goes viral

The photo is a meme, i.e. a joke on the Internet. This has gone viral in the last few days – it has been shared thousands of times on Twitter, Reddit and Instagram.

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