Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Live on eXXpressTV: How do the ministers want to explain the vaccination debacle today?

Live on eXXpressTV: How do the ministers want to explain the vaccination debacle?

The Government’s Vaccination Commission submitted its recommendation with some delay. Freshly sworn in, Mückstein’s successor Johannes Rauch now has to make the decision on how to proceed. He still wants to talk. Penalties for the unvaccinated are to be postponed – but it does not look like a complete cancellation.

Rene Rabeder
9 March 2022 06:53

Following today’s Council of Ministers, Health Minister Johannes Rauch and Constitutional Minister Karoline Edtstadler will announce the next steps. this should happen in the “course of the morning”. According to initial information, the experts see no need for penalties to be imposed on those who have not been vaccinated from March 15th. Instead, the government should reassess the situation after three months. In general, compulsory vaccination should be retained.

New acceptance for rules

After a complete rejection of the law, it does not look. Johannes Rauch emphasized again in the “ZiB2” that the vaccination is a good protection, against hospital stays as well as against Long Covid.

He also wants to promote the acceptance of Corona rules, although he understands that they get on people’s nerves.

Will compulsory vaccination be cancelled?

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