Wednesday, December 7, 2022

‘Moral principles’: Latvian politician goes to war against Putin

“Moral principles”: Latvian politician goes to war against Putin

Politicians go to war too: A Latvian MP has voluntarily and “morally” joined Ukrainian troops to defend Ukraine against Putin’s attack. This was announced by the Latvian Minister of Justice on Tuesday.

editorial staff
8 March 2022 20:05

“Juris Jurass went to Ukraine to defend the country”: Latvian Minister of Justice Janis Bordans officially shared this information with the Latvian people on Tuesday. Jurass made the decision to fight for Ukraine’s freedom “based on his own moral principles.”

The news was backed by a project by students in Kyiv, Ukraine 4 Freedom, which tweeted a photo of the Latvian MP in combat fatigues next to another man in military fatigues. It was said that Jurass was part of a unit with foreign volunteers fighting alongside the Ukrainians.

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