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Racism & Sexism: Pop Queen J.Lo unpacks

Racism & Sexism: Pop Queen J.Lo unpacks

Body shaming, sexism, racism – and the Simpsons even called her a “mean bitch”. Despite her mega career, it was anything but easy for Jennifer Lopez, the way up was tough. In an interview, she now explains why.

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7 March 2022 08:48

Money alone doesn’t make you happy. Or at least not always. Pop super diva and Grammy award winner Jennifer Lopez (52) has sold 80 million records, made 31 films – and 350 million euros in the account! However, she still feels like an outsider. She admitted this in an interview with the US magazine “Rolling Stone”.

The reason for this probably lies in her childhood. Lopez grew up in the Bronx, New York, where crime is above average and incomes are below average. “Typically, when you grow up in a neighborhood like me, the bigger your dreams, the more disappointed you get,” Lopez said. That’s why she still often feels out of place today. “Like someone picked me up off the ground. As if I shouldn’t belong. That’s just part of it when you’re a Puerto Rican, from the Bronx and a woman.” It’s different if you weren’t born into a rich family.

“It’s amazing to get a second chance at love”

After therapy and her relationship revival with Hollywood beau Ben Affleck (49), she is doing better now. She says about the love comeback: “We’ve both grown up. Getting a second chance for love is just great.” And: “We are now more experienced, more mature, and know exactly what we want to share with the public today – and what not.”

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