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NATO rejects no-fly zone over Ukraine: ‘Will not intervene in war’

NATO rejects no-fly zone over Ukraine: “Will not intervene in war”

The Ukrainian government has repeatedly asked for a no-fly zone. The Foreign Minister of Ukraine fears that his country will be destroyed by Russia, as in Syria. NATO General Stoltenberg Rejects: “NATO Does Not Want War With Russia”. But: “The coming days will probably get even worse.”

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4 March 2022 15:03

NATO has now clearly rejected calls for the enforcement of a no-fly zone over Ukraine. Most recently, the Foreign Minister of Ukraine Dmytro Kuleba had once again emphatically asked the military alliance to do so. He suspects Russia will use the same tactics to destroy Ukraine as Syria.

Ukraine is also asking for fighter jets

“We should not allow this to happen in the heart of Europe,” Kuleba said in a comment to Ukrainian Pravda. To prevent Russian airstrikes, NATO should close Ukrainian airspace. He also called for the handover of fighter jets to Ukraine, which would allow the Ukrainian Air Force to effectively counter Russian military aircraft.

NATO declines. We will not intervene in the war, neither on land nor in the air, said NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg after consultations with the alliance’s foreign ministers in Brussels. “NATO does not want a war with Russia,” underlined the Norwegian. Leading representatives of the alliance states had previously made similar statements.

“Worst military aggression in Europe in decades”

“The coming days are likely to be even worse, with more death, more suffering and more destruction,” said the former Norwegian prime minister. Russian forces used heavier weapons and continued their attacks across the country. Many civilians have already been killed or injured in the Russian war of aggression. Stoltenberg spoke of the worst military aggression in Europe in decades.

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