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“Zupfkuchen” shit storm: Bakery puts its foot in the door with Ukraine actionism

“Zupfkuchen” shit storm: Bakery puts its foot in the door with Ukraine actionism

Due to the current conflict in Ukraine, “Russian” products are being attacked – including the popular “Russian Zupfkuchen”. A bakery in Germany wanted to briefly rename the treat to protest Putin’s policies, and unintentionally found the recipe for the perfect shitstorm.

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3 March 2022 20:30

Some actors are now using the legitimate outrage at the Russian attack on Ukraine to promote themselves: The Armbruster bakery from the Baden-Württemberg district of Ortenau caused a stir on Monday with the announcement that from now on it would be called “Russian” cakes and “Russian” plucked slices wanting to give up. With this they want to take up the “suggestion of some customers” and “express our solidarity in the current situation”, as it was said in a broadcast.

The result: A huge shitstorm spilled over the craft business. accused of “Russian bullying”, xenophobia, hatred and a racist mentality. On Wednesday, the pressure was too great and the company management backed down: the established terms apply again with immediate effect, but they are currently not willing to provide any further information.

Invented by Dr. Oetker: Russian cake has little to do with Russia

The particular embarrassment of this action, however, is that the popular pastry has very little to do with Russia: It probably comes from East Germany and was used from the early 1990s as a baking mix by Dr. Oetker advertised. In Russia it is now known as the “German Quark Cake”, but so far there is no information as to whether there have been any renaming suggestions…

A meek apology from the Baden bakerArmbruster/ Facebook

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