Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Videos: Do Russians see the Ukraine invasion as a big robbery?

Videos: Do Russian soldiers see the Ukraine invasion as a big robbery?

Banks are being robbed, as are supermarkets: Surveillance videos now show the Russian army apparently confusing the invasion of Ukraine with a large-scale robbery. These pictures cannot leave the many decent Russians indifferent – and additionally burden Vladimir Putin’s image, which is already badly damaged.

editorial staff
27 Feb 2022 13:15

Of course, the absolute authenticity of these video sequences cannot be verified, but since the invasion of Russian troops in Ukraine, such recordings can be found more and more often on social media platforms, and the time stamps are correct: footage from surveillance cameras shows Russian soldiers like them break into ATMs or steal from supermarkets. These scenes are also an indication of the supply situation of the Russian troops, which may already be strained – after all, the tactics of the Ukrainian army leadership of allowing the spearheads of the Russian regiments to advance into the country in order to then cut off these troop units from supplies are successful. The excellent battlefield reconnaissance of friendly states should also help the Ukrainians.

In any case, such images are a catastrophe for the Russian government’s public relations work: The fact that the army leadership cannot stop looting soldiers who are living off the country, as they did during the 30-year war, will further fuel international criticism of Putin’s brutal war of aggression.

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