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Chaos in Ukraine: Putin’s sabotage squads everywhere!


Chaos in Ukraine: Putin’s sabotage squads everywhere!

Russia’s feared sabotage special forces, the GRU Spetsnaz, are already in Ukraine. They operate undercover and dress in Ukrainian army uniforms. Some were exposed and arrested. GRU Spetsnaz have caused terror in other wars, including in Afghanistan.

Stefan Beig
26 Feb 2022 15:05

Russia’s war of aggression still appears to be based primarily on firepower, but appearances are deceptive. Russian special forces are already in the country, but they are acting covertly. They are the dreaded Spetsnaz units of the Russian military intelligence service GRU. Individuals have already been exposed and captured. They were dressed in Ukrainian army uniforms.

Numerous weapons were seized when the Spetsnaz units were capturedMete Sohtaoglu / Twitter

Russian special forces captured in Nikopol

On Saturday, the Ukrainian military managed to capture Russian special forces in Ukrainian army uniforms in the city of Nikopol (120,000 inhabitants) in the south of the country. The mayor of Kiev, the well-known ex-boxer Vitali Klitschko, confirmed: Although there is currently no major Russian military presence in Kiev, saboteur groups are very active.

Ukrainian soldiers arrest sobatage squadsMete Sohtaoglu / Twitter

Apparently, the special units in Ukraine have been covertly on site for some time. In 2014, former US spy Igor Sutyagin claimed that among the units in Crimea were clearly Spetsnaz forces, the Financial Times reported.

Russia’s mysterious attack strategy

The previous tactics of the Russian armed forces puzzled Western intelligence services. The number of soldiers deployed in the invasion of Ukraine has so far been significantly lower than expected. It’s just a fraction of the more than 150,000 troops that Russia massed at the country’s borders before attacking Ukraine.

So far, it seems, Russia has primarily relied on the US method – firepower instead of manpower. However, the detection of special units shows that Moscow is obviously currently planning covert actions and no direct confrontation. The personnel that Russia deploys have a long history and are feared by all opponents.

Also feared by the mujahideen in Afghanistan

The powerful Spetsnaz soldiers were formed in 1950 and were highly active during the Cold War. They were the last Russian units to withdraw from Afghanistan in 1989. Previously, they had covered the retreat of regular Soviet forces. Afghan rebels particularly feared the Spetsnaz units because of their unconventional fighting style. They mined the mujahideen’s paths, destroyed supply columns and provided meaningful prisoners.

For a long time little was known about them. That only changed during the 1980s, after GRU officer Vladimir Resun (aka Viktor Suvorov) defected and provided the West with previously unknown information about these units. Western secret services were immediately alarmed. Only now did they become aware of the threat these units posed to NATO, which is why defense concepts were developed further as quickly as possible.

After the collapse of the Soviet Union, Spetsnaz fought in Baku, North Ossetia, Nagorno-Karabac, Ingushetia and Chechnya.

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