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100 dead in the first 8 hours – that’s how bloody Putin’s war is

100 dead in 8 hours – that’s how bloody Putin’s war against Ukraine is

The death toll is increasing hour by hour, more than 100 soldiers and civilians have died since the attacks began at 4 a.m. – and the fighting on the ground of Ukraine has not even started! A catastrophe is brewing in Europe.

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24 Feb 2022 11:47

The Russian propaganda machine speaks of “targeted strikes against military targets” and “accurate cruise missiles”. But war is war – with the dead, with the maimed, with the desperate bereaved. In just eight hours, Russia’s military machinery killed 100 people, at least ten of them civilians, in its war of aggression to “denazify Ukraine” (quote Vladimir Putin).

The pictures of the victims cannot be shown, the information is confused. Presumably, significantly more people have already died in the dozens of explosions after hits by Russian cruise missiles throughout Ukraine.

They only start with the ground attack: T90 main battle tanks of the Russian army

Russian fighter jets already have air supremacy

The number of casualties will increase dramatically in the next few hours: if the Russian army’s massive armored spearheads also advance, the Ukrainian defense will have to become active – and it will then be exposed to the powerful fire of rocket launchers and short- and medium-range missiles.

In addition, since the destruction of the Ukrainian airports, the Russian Air Force has commanded absolute air supremacy over this country: Without protection from air forces, the Ukrainian defenders can hardly resist for long. They will have to retreat to the cities, which in turn will put civilians at extreme risk.

No one knows how threats from Brussels or Washington could persuade Vladimir Putin to order the Russian troops to halt. Only an immediate end to hostilities could prevent a massive death toll.

Destroyed Ukrainian airports: the Russian cruise missiles

The current status of the invasion of Ukraine

Do you fear a further escalation of the military conflict?

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