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Detention and “No Fly” list: These are the harshest penalties against truckers in Canada

Detention and “No Fly” list: These are the harsh penalties against truckers in Canada

The trucker protests in Canada have lasted four weeks. If Prime Minister Trudeau has his way, the emergency law should come into force as early as next week. This allows the government to temporarily remove fundamental human rights for “endangerers”. In addition to asset freezes and social media bans, government critics are now said to be able to be put on “no fly” lists or jailed for up to a year.

Johanna Tschavoll
18 Feb 2022 09:20

Canada’s Emergency Act can be used in the event of a “national crisis”. It allows the government to take “temporary extraordinary measures”. The law has never been used before. At least one of the following situations must have occurred among the criteria for initiating such a law:

– Espionage or sabotage

-Activities influenced by foreign countries

-Threatening or using serious acts of violence for political, religious or ideological purposes

-Hidden, unlawful acts aimed at undermining or overthrowing constitutional government

Jail, penalties and frozen accounts for critics

It is not yet clear which of these scenarios Trudeau will refer to when the state of emergency is called. The Emergency Act allows individuals to have their human rights temporarily suspended. If the truckers continue to block vital traffic routes, this could also be classified as an act of terrorism. Anyone who then donated to a protest movement, for example, could be confronted with legal and freedom-restricting consequences for “terrorist financing”. In addition to blocking access to bank accounts and freezing assets, this also includes restricting the freedom to travel or terminating employment contracts without notice. Anyone found to have blocked major roads faces a fine of up to $100,000 or even imprisonment. The military could also be used against the demonstrators and forcibly “liberate” entire districts from the government critics – but Trudeau initially rejected this in a press conference on Monday.

Truckers want Covid enabling laws repealed

The demonstrators have paralyzed a large part of important traffic routes in Ottawa for the past three weeks. Numerous important border crossings to the USA are also blocked by truckers using truck convoys. This is intended to put pressure on the government to reverse excessive corona and vaccination laws. The protests were triggered by a vaccination law for truck drivers that denied entry into Canada to unvaccinated people. Thousands of American and Canadian drivers are affected. The Canadian police have repeatedly tried to use force to clear access roads – so far without success.

The truckers have been occupying important streets in major Canadian cities for three weeks now.AFP

Children in front of a poster that says “Nuremberg now”. The authors are alluding to the Nuremberg trials.AFP

State of emergency in Ottawa.AFP

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