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Lying when driving under the influence of alcohol: Dutch club suspends players

Lying when driving under the influence of alcohol: Dutch club suspends players

In November 2021, striker Rai Vloet was involved in a traffic accident. His four-year-old child died as a result. After the Dutch police found out that he lied, he was suspended from his club Heracles Almero.

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25 January 2022 17:48

In November 2021, a car accident was devastating, killing striker Rai Vloet’s four-year-old son. The Dutch police have now been able to prove that the football professional lied. The car that Vloet was in crashed into another car. The police determined whether the attacker was not only drunk, but also exceeded the speed. Other occupants were also seriously injured in the accident.

Not only did Vloet have a blood alcohol content of 1.18, he also drove 203 km/h instead of the permitted 130 km/h. Almelo managing director Rob Toussaint was shocked after the police findings: “As we have been informed, Vloet may not only have been driving far too fast that night, but also drank too much. Both are absolutely unacceptable. In the weeks and months following the accident, Vloet has repeatedly told us, as his employer, that he did not drive faster than the speed limit of 130 km/h and that he did not drink more than two drinks.”

Court decision pending

Two weeks ago, Vloet gave an interview for the team website. Before that, he was reinstated in team training. But now the club has drawn the consequences: “Based on this information, which has since been proven to be incorrect, Heracles Almelo had made all its decisions in good faith and as a good employer. Our thoughts are with the victim’s family,” added Toussaint. A court decision is still pending.

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