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Bloody deed with baseball bat: beautiful female boxer suspected of murder

Bloody deed with baseball bat: beautiful female boxer suspected of murder

The Swiss cult host Thomas F. († 61) was killed. His wife (35) has been in custody since 2020. The pretty boxer denies the allegations – but more and more details weigh heavily on her.

Rene Rabeder
24 January 2022 14:13

The innkeeper from Interlaken was killed in his apartment. For some time his wife has been Viviane O. (35), targeted by the authorities. Tiny spatters of blood were found on her shoes. The “Aargauer Zeitung” reports on the incriminating evidence against the former professional boxer. These are known because they are defending themselves in court against the extensions of imprisonment.

Danger of fleeing to Brazil

Whoever committed the crime was extremely brutal. The victim’s head was hit 19 times with a baseball bat. Countless other injuries were found by the coroner on other parts of the body. This indicates that the act was committed with emotions. Explosive detail: his wedding ring lay on the ground next to the corpse. However, the wife denies having anything to do with the crime.

The boxer cannot hope for early release from custody. There is a risk of absconding, according to the prosecutor. And should Vivien O. flee to her old homeland, she could go into hiding, she would no longer be available to the authorities. Because Brazil is not obliged to extradite its own nationals.

What speaks against the boxer

In addition to the anger and the wedding ring at the crime scene, the daily newspaper Blick lists six other points that would speak against the pretty athlete.

1. No signs of a break-in

Thomas F.’s apartment had not been broken into – only Viviane O. still had a key.

2. The baseball bat

The blunt force against Thomas F. was used with a baseball bat, which lay bloodied next to the body. According to her son, it belongs to Viviane O.

3. The flashy car

On the evening of the crime, Vivane O. claims to have watched films at home. However, a car mechanic testified that he saw the red Chevrolet Camaro in Interlaken on October 18, 2020 – the only such car in the region. Having already repaired the Camaro, he knew the car.

4. The cell phone

The cult host’s mobile phone was destroyed in the act. This is how the investigators found their DNA traces.

5. The blood

Her husband’s blood spatters were found on her shoes. And according to forensic science, these only occur when they hit the ground at a certain speed.

6. The DNA Traces

Police found the victim’s tracksuit jacket in a container with DNA from Viviane O.

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