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“eXXpress Life – The holistic coaching and service magazine” by and with Carina Schwarz!

“eXXpress Life – The holistic coaching and service magazine” by and with Carina Schwarz!

Every Friday at 8.15 p.m. we devote ourselves to important topics relating to body, mind and soul. Together with experts, we provide you with helpful knowledge and impulses for a good and healthy life! In the 13th episode of “eXXpress Life” we deal with habits. Tonight at 8:15 p.m. on eXXpressTV – now also in Magenta’s cable network at number 170!

editorial staff
21 January 2022 12:22

Why New Year’s resolutions so often fail

Habits and routines simplify our lives, they give us security and stability. They guide most of our daily decisions and are fundamental to success, health and well-being. But sometimes we form habits that prevent us from achieving goals, drain our energy, or harm our health or our environment. How often have you started the new year with good resolutions, only to fall back into old behavior patterns after a short time? Are you wondering why? We will address this question together Neurobiologists Dr. Marcus Täuber to the bottom.

The big difference between bad and good habits

Bad habits, such as eating sweets, bring a quick reward, but good habits, such as regular exercise, take a long time to show their positive effects, which makes it harder for us to keep getting excited about the good habit. Goals can help you persevere. In order to maintain motivation, it is helpful to imagine this goal as visually as possible. The more intensely we are emotionally stimulated, the better. However, you have to be careful about goals that are too big or too many at once, as this can quickly lead to overwhelm. As a result, the self-imposed pressure becomes too great and we fall back into old patterns.

In today’s episode we give you an insight into the power of habits and explain how it is possible to establish good habits over the long term. An exciting talk with interesting impulses and new perspectives on this topic.

Look forward to it – today at 8:15 p.m. on eXXpressTV!

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