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What nobody else reports: The true extent of the asylum rush

What nobody else reports: The true extent of the asylum rush

Ignored by most of the media, the number of asylum applications in Europe is increasing massively. In the pandemic year 2021, 40,000 illegal migrants were apprehended in Austria alone. And: 480,000 migrants wanted to stay in the EU last year alone – an increase of 26% compared to 2020. The external border is under massive pressure.

Rene Rabeder
18 January 2022 17:24

Shots fired at Austria’s eastern border, attempts to break through, smuggler trips all the way to Vienna, tunnel digging on Hungary’s border with Serbia: Austria and the entire EU have a massive problem with illegal migration and a violent asylum mafia.

In absolute numbers, most migrants wanted to go to Germany in 2021. 190,000 traveled through half of Europe to reach their destination. Most of them come from Syria and Afghanistan. Explosive: In terms of asylum applications per million inhabitants, Austria is at the top in a European comparison with 2544. For every million Germans, 1,204 want to stay in the country.

But in Germany they want more. The new Interior Minister Nancy Faeser (SPD) informed the EU that her traffic light government would like to relieve the EU coastal states with a “coalition of the willing”: “We are ready to move towards a functioning EU asylum system with a coalition of the to go ahead in member states that are willing to accept.” They want to make Germany “more attractive” for immigrants and “signal a willingness to accept”.

Completely different signals come from Austria. Interior Minister Gerhard Karner (ÖVP) is sticking to his tough course – also towards migrants from Afghanistan. Not surprising given the numbers above and the fact that Austria already has one of the largest Afghan communities in Europe with 40,000 members. In an interview with Bild he states: “I am clearly against such efforts.” According to Karner, anyone who, like Faeser, wants to forge a “coalition of member states willing to accept them” for asylum seekers is sending out the completely wrong signals. He is convinced that such an alliance would create “false expectations” in the countries of origin.

Can Europe take in more migrants?

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