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Tonga volcano: US west coast tsunami warning lifted

Tonga volcano: US west coast tsunami warning lifted

The massive eruption of a submarine volcano near the island nation of Tonga has triggered tidal waves in the Pacific region. The tsunami warning for the west coast of the USA has since been withdrawn. In California’s coastal area, the water level rose by 20 centimeters.

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17 January 2022 06:41

The rise in sea level and unusually strong currents will continue to be observed for several days. Otherwise the west coast of the USA will be spared from a tsunami. However, the tsunami warning is still valid for the state of Alaska.

Pressure wave of the outbreak also measurable in Austria

The news about the eruption of an underwater volcano in the South Pacific island nation of Tonga went around the world on Saturday (the eXXpress also reported). The massive eruption resulted in strong pressure waves that caused tidal waves up to 80 centimeters high and led to a series of tsunami warnings in several countries. Not only that, the volcanic eruption also resulted in an intense shock wave that was measurable around the world—really around the world. Numerous weather stations recorded a sudden increase in air pressure on Saturday evening – and the DACH region, which includes Austria, Germany and Switzerland, was no exception.

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