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Indonesian student has now become a millionaire with his selfies

Indonesian student has now become a millionaire with his selfies

An Indonesian student has sold the digital rights to nearly a thousand selfies for more than $1 million. He originally wanted to use the images for a time travel video at his graduation ceremony.

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14 January 2022 21:16

Sultan Gustaf Al Ghozali of Semarang University has taken a photo of himself in front of his computer almost every day for the past five years. The computer science student wanted to use the selfies for a time travel video at his graduation. The project ran under the motto “Ghozahli every day”. When the student heard about blockchain technology, he decided to try an NFT sale. NFT stands for Non-Fungible Token and is a virtual asset that is unique and non-exchangeable.

His parents don’t even know about it

He just thought it would be “funny” if one of the NFT collectors included his face in their collection, the 22-year-old reported. He put his selfie offer online at the end of December. A week ago, a real sales hype set in: more than 400 people bought the property rights to the photos. As of Friday, the collection was valued at more than $1 million.

He hasn’t found the courage to tell his parents the story, Ghozali said. “You would wonder where the money is coming from.” He will invest the money and continue to take a selfie of himself every day.

Like cryptocurrencies, the NFT system is based on blockchain technology. In contrast to cryptocurrencies, a non-fungible token is unique and, to a certain extent, a virtual collector’s item that can be sold or exchanged using a certificate. A real hype had broken out about NFT in the past few months, with collectors paying millions for digital paintings, music and videos. (APA/red)

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