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Dispute about compulsory vaccination: jungle candidate exchanged

Dispute about compulsory vaccination: jungle candidate exchanged

“I’m a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here!” went faster than expected for a candidate. While our jungle queen Tara Tabitha has already settled in quite well (see Instagram video below), it’s time for someone else to pack their bags again. Reason: “Disagreements to the vaccination status”!

editorial staff
14 January 2022 10:20

That was fast. A week before things really get going in the South African jungle, a candidate is already on her way home. In the case of the dome show participant Christin Okpara, there were “disagreements about the vaccination status” that “can no longer be clarified in the short term”. This was announced by RTL entertainment boss Markus Küttner. As a substitute candidate, the widow of actor Willi Herren, Jasmin Herren, moves to the jungle camp.

Our jungle camp candidate, ATV beauty Tara Tabitha (28), apparently feels quite comfortable in the South African jungle. On Instagram, she shows herself with a fairly full wine glass in a bathrobe by the pool. “Rain and thunder, and wine, den hamma’! ⛈” Well then.

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