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Debate about compulsory vaccination: Green City Council draws fascism comparison

Debate about compulsory vaccination: Green City Council draws fascism comparison

The planned compulsory vaccination is currently splitting the Greens. Dornbirn City Councilor for Education, Martin Hämmerle, recently expressed open criticism of the project. When the party leadership dealt with critics, he now drew a comparison with fascism and thus caused outrage.

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14 January 2022 16:14

Specifically, the green politician criticizes his party’s handling of critical voices on this issue. On the part of the party leadership, objections would simply be brushed aside. Club boss Sigrid Maurer cannot on the one hand describe the Greens as an anti-fascist party and then at the same time be in favor of excluding people. “Where does fascism begin, where does it end?” Hämmerle is quoted in the “Vorarlberger Nachrichten”. Of course, several Greens spoke up and sharply criticized their party colleague’s choice of words, but he followed up.

“We don’t want to be insulted by the party leadership”

Hämmerle reported that the party recently held a video conference on compulsory vaccination. However, Maurer was not interested in his arguments: “She wanted to get everyone on track.” Therefore, several skeptical Greens have now joined forces to form an initiative. “We don’t want to be insulted by the party leadership,” emphasized the green politician.

A total of 103 officials of the Greens, 117 party members, 3,510 Green voters and 1,121 former Greens are said to have gathered in this initiative, including the former Green party leader Madeleine Petrovic and two Green district councilors from Vienna.

Green initiative rejects compulsory vaccination

A statement by the initiative states, among other things, that they refuse to be vaccinated every few months because they do not take “natural immune protection” into account. The 2G controls are also criticized. Three key demands are “End the division in society”, “Enable children and young people to lead a carefree life” and “Improve early treatment”.

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