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Confirmed: “ZiB2” moderator Armin Wolf admits that ORF pays his lawsuit

Confirmed: “ZiB2” moderator Armin Wolf admits that ORF pays his lawsuit

He insults the eXXpress as a “propaganda website” – but then has to admit that our report is correct: Armin Wolf confirms that the ORF fee payers should pay his lawsuit against the eXXpress. Although Wolf has hired an SPÖ lawyer for this.

Richard Smith
13 January 2022 09:44

The “grand inquisitor of Austrian journalism” is now under massive pressure himself: Dozens of eXXpress readers and Twitter users criticize that (we reported) the GIS fee payers of the public service broadcaster are suing the contentious “ZiB2” moderator against eXXpress have to finance. The ORF has now transferred €932 to the eXXpress lawyer because Wolf’s lawsuit was unsuccessful. “That can’t be true,” some eXXpress fans didn’t want to believe at first.

Now the ORF moderator has made sure that everything is clarified himself: Armin Wolf rants on Twitter that the eXXpress is a “propaganda website” and a “clickbait slingshot” – only to then explain that everything was correct anyway may be. His logic on his Twitter account literally: “Since the report was about my ORF function, not about me as a private individual, the ORF supported the lawsuit. Unfortunately, the judge did not allow her, so the ORF takes over the costs.

Confirms the eXXpress report on Twitter: Armin Wolf

Wolf’s lawyer was in contact with one of the two main suspects in the Ibiza video

Shortly after the publication, many eXXpress readers asked some good questions about the “Wolf case”. For example: “Why does the broadcaster support an active complaint by a moderator when it comes to his sideline?” Or: “Why is Wolf allowed to take a lawyer close to the SPÖ for this lawsuit – is there no longer a legal department in the ORF?”

The choice of lawyer is also very interesting: Armin Wolf hired the lawyer for the lawsuit against eXXpress, who negotiated for ex-SPÖ Chancellor Christian Kern in the office of the well-known Viennese Ibiza lawyer Ramin Mirfakhrai about a possible purchase of the Ibiza video led for the SPÖ. The purchase was not then decided, the SPÖ even documented this decision in writing.

Do fee payers also want to finance Wolf’s lawsuits?

And another question asked an eXXpress reader: “Shouldn’t the public prosecutor’s office for economic affairs and corruption check whether there was an initial suspicion of infidelity in this case?” After all, the reader argues, it would be “hardly in the interest of the fee payers that their money be used to finance a moderator’s lawsuits”.

The ORF collects 645 million euros (2021) from the compulsory fees and has now approved a further eight percent increase in these payments. The fee payers must now hope that other conflict-loving colleagues of the “ZiB2” moderator will not follow Armin Wolf’s example – and lose costly lawsuits in court.

Armin Wolf in the “ZiB2” studio.

Do you think the mandatory fee regulation for the ORF is still up to date?

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