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“Novax Djocovid” – These are the funniest reactions to the Djokovic cause

“Novax Djokovid” – These are the funniest reactions to the Djokovic cause

First he was locked up, then expelled, now he’s allowed to stay. Tennis superstar Novak Djokovic has been through a veritable ordeal of bureaucracy in Australia in the past few days. However, the network was amused – opinions about the “vaccinated Djoker” differ.

Johanna Tschavoll
11 January 2022 10:12

Finally, the number one in tennis was allowed to enter and is preparing for the Australian Open. In the last few days, however, funny memes have been sprouting up on the net about his initially denied entry and his forced stay in the deportation hotel in Melbourne. The eXXpress has picked out the funniest memes and tweets.

Competitor Raphael Nadal unceremoniously becomes an employee of the Australian Migration Agency who tries to prevent Djokovic from entering the country.

Unvaccinated Djoker is “threat to health care”

Radio host Stephen Nolan described the vaccinated tennis player as a threat to general health. A meme contrasts the two.

Djoker fights immigration authorities with a tennis racket

“Novax Djocovid”

Because Djokovic has not been vaccinated but has recovered, he was unceremoniously called “Novax Djokovic ”- based on No Vax, which translates as“ no vaccination ”. Because of his lack of vaccination and the alleged danger associated with it, users also called him “Novak Djocovid.”

Because Djokovic was stuck at the airport because, despite the organizers’ promise, he was banned from entry by the Australian authorities due to the lack of a Covid vaccination, this meme circulated. In the original film “The Terminal”, Tom Cruise plays a man who settles in at the airport due to a missing visa and lives there for months.

A photomontage shows him as the confused airport visitor from “The Terminal”.Twitter

“Are the Australians really mad at Djokovic or does it just make them aware of what the government has done with their freedom?” asks a userTwitter

Serbs took to the streets for Djokovic

Hundreds of Serbs took to the streets in Melbourne, Australia, to release their idol.APF/Patrick Hamilton

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