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Bureaucracy tsunami: 300,000 official hours are required for vaccination penalties

Bureaucracy tsunami: 300,000 official hours are required for vaccination penalties

New figures on the Compulsory Vaccination Act: The federal government calculates 300,000 working hours per year for processing complaints against compulsory vaccination penalties. Now the President of the Conference of Presidents of the Administrative Courts says: “That is calculated far too low.”

Richard Schmitt
10 January 2022 15:34

The eXXpress has received the current letter from the President of the Presidential Conference of the Austrian Administrative Courts: In it, Dr. Patrick Segalla, President of the Lower Austrian Administrative Court, faced a huge flood of complaints against penalties imposed under the new mandatory vaccination law, which, according to Health Minister Wolfgang Mückstein (Greens), should apply on February 1st.

According to the President of the Administrative Court, the Federal Government’s previous calculations are incorrect: The turquoise-green coalition is assuming an additional 300,000 hours of work for civil servants in the Austrian administrative courts from the start of the punitive measures, but that is not correct, says Dr. Patrick Segalla in his statement.

The eXXpress has the opinion of the administrative courts

Up to a million complaints against mandatory vaccination penalties in 2022 alone?

The President in his letter to the Minister of Health literally said: “Even the forecast number of 100,000 complaint procedures with an assumed 1,400,000 administrative criminal proceedings in the first instance appears to be clearly underestimated. Rather, it can be assumed that the majority of all those punished by the administrative criminal authorities (up to four times a year!) Will take advantage of all possible legal protection options. “

Three hours of processing time are calculated for each complaint – the Austrian taxpayer is threatened with additional costs of at least 300,000 working hours and a maximum of three million working hours if one million of the 1.4 million people who refused to vaccinate complain about the punishment.

The calculation of the federal government is set too low.

At least 180 additional officers required for mandatory vaccination penalties

The President of the Presidents’ Conference of the Administrative Courts also calculates dryly, which alone would mean an additional effort of 100,000 complaint procedures: “In 2022, the Ministry of Health is assuming 100,000 complaint procedures throughout Austria, each of which should take 3 hours. Based on this assumption, the amendment would result in an additional personnel requirement of 180 full-time equivalents throughout Austria (assumption: 1670 annual working hours per FTE). The space resources, in particular for holding oral negotiations, would also have to be expanded considerably. “

In the best-case scenario, this would mean that the introduction of mandatory vaccination would require the employment of at least 180 full-time civil servants.

Even in the best-case scenario, 180 new officials would have to be recruited.

Administrative court president warns of “negative effects”

Finally, in his letter, the President of the Administrative Court clearly warns against the premature entry into force of the Mandatory Vaccination Act: “In view of the limited possibilities to increase the personnel capacities of the state administrative courts at short notice and only temporarily, the dimensions outlined mean that every effort is made to do so, of course – a considerable risk that these proceedings cannot be dealt with in a timely manner and without a significant negative impact on the other areas of the courts. “

Presumably, quite a few Austrians are now asking themselves why the Green Minister of Health did not speak to the heads of the Austrian provincial administrative courts before the introduction of the mandatory vaccination law on February 1st.

New difficulties with the mandatory vaccination law:

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