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At the age of only 18: clay pigeon shooter dies after a hunting accident

At the age of only 18: clay pigeon shooter dies after a hunting accident

Great mourning for the youth world champion in clay pigeon shooting Cristian Ghilli. As confirmed by the Italian Shooting Association, the clay pigeon shooter died after a hunting accident at the age of only 18.

editorial staff
9 January 2022 13:14

According to Italian media reports, the young athlete succumbed to serious injuries on Friday night. He won the youth world championship title in the mixed competition last year. He was also a three-time European youth champion. Cristian Ghilli has now passed away at the age of only 18. Together with his friends he went on a hunting trip in the woods of the Montecatini Val di Cacina in Pisa. That was where the accident happened. When he was about to pick up the cartridges, he bent down. With fatal consequences, because a shot went off in his rifle. He was hit directly in the stomach by a bullet.

Help was immediately brought in, followed by an emergency operation in the hospital – in the end without success! Ghilli died of internal bleeding. The Italian shooting association confirmed the death of the talent. President Luciano Rossi said touching words to Cristian Ghilli and his family: “Respect, silence and condolences in the face of tragedy that distresses everyone. May the earth be the light for you, Cristian. “

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