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Numbers like in October: fewer and fewer corona intensive care patients

Numbers like in October: fewer and fewer corona intensive care patients

920 corona patients are currently being treated in the domestic hospitals. 271 of them are receiving intensive medical care. On October 30th there were still 273 intensive care patients in Austria’s hospitals. At that time there was no talk of “omicron panic”. As a rule, there is no information about the actual reason for the hospitalization.

Rene Rabeder
8 January 2022 13:09

Even before Omikron, the Ministry of Health’s step-by-step plan sent the unvaccinated into lockdown. This model is based on the bed occupancy in the hospitals. The more people hospitalized with a corona infection, the more drastic the measures. There is a catch: the actual reason for admission of the patient does not matter.

Reason for instruction is not taken into account

As the eXXpress reported on the basis of data from Switzerland, half of all “Covid patients” were not admitted because of their infection. Anyone who breaks their leg while skiing, for example, or suffers from appendicitis and who happens to also test positive for the coronavirus are included in the statistics. The more patients, the higher the level, the stricter the measures.

Of course, this also applies to intensive care patients. The reason for hospitalization is never given in the statistics by the authorities. Covid is often a “chance find”. And in the everyday life of hospitals, it makes a difference whether a patient is ventilated and needs care for someone seriously ill with Covid, or whether the infection is mild and the doctors can take care of the actual illness.

A patient seriously ill with Covid needs these drugs – every dayScreenshot: Twitter

It is the same with children. All children in the hospital are currently being tested for Covid-19. So also those who were hospitalized because of a broken leg, for example.

“The children often have the corona infection on the side,” emphasizes Aebi in the “NZZ”. In the case of infants under three months of age, the doctors even quickly released the children if it was only corona and, for example, no bacterial infection of the lungs.

No severe courses observed in children

Because the adults are often vaccinated but the children are not, the increase in the number of cases in the children appears to be higher. The number of hospitalized children is growing proportionally, as was to be expected. And so you can see that Omikron is no more dangerous for children than it is for adults. In addition, one could not observe any more severe courses in them either.

The current numbers

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