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Corona illness of Djokovic: Injurious photos emerged

Corona illness of Djokovic: Injurious photos emerged

The situation around Novak Djokovic and his participation in the Australian Open is still causing heated discussions. The tennis star, who has not been vaccinated against the corona virus, was refused entry to Australia. He then emphasized that he had already suffered a corona infection in December. But now photos emerged that could incriminate Djokovic.

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8 January 2022 16:54

Novak Djokovic wanted to participate in the Australian Open. But Australia denied him entry because the tennis star has not been vaccinated. Now the Serb is staying in a quarantine hotel and is waiting for a court decision on his appeal against the refused entry. It is a hotel that also houses asylum seekers. The cause now raises more and more questions.

However, court documents from his lawyers show that Djokovic has already been infected with the corona virus. The Serbian tennis star would have had written approval from the Australian immigration authorities before traveling to the country with a medical exemption from vaccination regulations, the argument goes in the court submission on Saturday. His positive test result is dated December 16.

What is particularly interesting is the look at Novak Djokovic’s social media. Because on December 16, the day of his corona infection, Djokovic received his own postage stamp in Serbia. The following day posted pictures of the ceremony. But that’s not all. On the same day, Djokovic also took part in a panel discussion. The day after, on December 17th, Djokovic attended his tennis academy. Of course, it is not known whether Djokovic already knew about the infection at this point.

Djokovic visited his tennis academy the day after his corona infectionTwitter

The case has long since become a political issue. His father also intervened. Srdjan said that his son has become the “symbol and leader of the free world.” Serbian politicians were also outraged by Australia’s decision. President Aleksandar Vucic wrote on Instagram: “All of Serbia is behind him. Our authorities will take all measures to end the harassment of the best tennis player in the world in the shortest possible time ”

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