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New rules, anger in the vaccination act: nerves are bare in front of the mega demo

New rules, anger in the vaccination act: nerves are bare in front of the mega demo

Mask requirement outdoors, renewed tightening, plus a stomach mark in the mandatory vaccination law: Vienna is about to have the largest corona demonstration in history. In relevant messenger groups, up to 100,000 people are expected to prepare for the demonstration on Saturday.

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7 January 2022 20:00

The series of demonstrations against the corona measures does not end in the new year either. On the contrary – the protests are even increasing in quantity and intensity. The greater the nervousness before the next planned large demonstration on tomorrow, Saturday, January 8th. Punctually at 12 noon, vaccination skeptics and opponents of measures want to march once more on Heldenplatz in Vienna.

Police on site with large numbers

The participants have been forming up in relevant groups on the Telegram messenger service for days, where the planned large-scale demonstration is spoken of as the “broadest citizens’ movement that has ever existed”. We are talking about 100,000 participants, according to official police figures, the largest number of participants was recently more than 44,000 demonstrators.

The executive plans to be on site with a large contingent. The stricter FFP2 mask rules in the open air will only officially apply from January 11th, but even in earlier demos the participants were asked to wear mouth and nose protection. But by no means all of them stick to it.

Have you ever participated in a corona demo?

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