Wednesday, November 30, 2022

What’s next? Public radio urges you to shave

What’s next? Public radio urges you to shave

If you want to be on the safe side when it comes to corona protection and are also bearded, you should think about a face shave – at least that is the recommendation of the science magazine “Quarks” of the German television broadcaster WDR. The facial hair creates a gap between the mask and the skin through which viruses can penetrate, which is why only a cleanly shaved face can offer the best protection. But the WDR is not that strict after all, there is one exception: the mustache.

Raffaela Bartik
5 January 2022 10:23

Bad news for beards: Anyone who proudly wears facial hair and attaches great importance to the best possible protection against infection with the coronavirus should say goodbye to their beard and undergo a complete shave. This recommendation was made by the “WDR” science magazine “Quarks” and shared the advice on shaving, including an explanatory video, via Twitter. Beards are a corona risk because the many hairs mean that the mask does not lie well on the skin, creating a gap between the face and the mask through which corona viruses and the like can easily penetrate, warns the German television station.

In order to protect yourself in the long term, you cannot avoid a complete shave, so “Quarks” – whereby, “okay – there is still one possibility”, admits the “WDR” format. A mustache does not get in the way of the protective effect, so the following sentence …

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