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Despite compulsory vaccination: next cruise canceled due to corona

Despite compulsory vaccination: Next cruise canceled due to Corona

It is just a “precautionary measure”. Once again, the corona virus is forcing a cruise ship back into port. The “Mein Schiff 6” has stopped its voyage in Dubai due to individual cases on board. There were also restrictions when traveling with the “Aida” fleet.

editorial staff
3 January 2022 07:47

The ship “Mein Schiff 6” of the shipping company Tui Cruises breaks has to abort its current voyage. “The background to this are isolated cases of Covid-19 on board that were discovered during the voyage. As a purely precautionary measure and to protect guests and crew, TUI Cruises has now decided to take this short break, ”said the Hamburg-based company on Monday night.

The “1G rule” applies

According to the information provided by the shipping company, the voyage for the majority of the approximately 2000 passengers would have ended on Monday as planned. The involuntary break affects both those who had booked a connecting cruise and the guests who wanted to go on board in Dubai. According to the information, Tui Cruises is currently organizing return flights for all guests who would have wanted to continue their journey. “RTL.de” reported about it first.

Explosive: On board the “Mein Schiff 6”, all guests aged 12 and over must have a proof of vaccination. Recovery is not recognized as evidence.

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