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Rudolf Öller: Go West!

Rudolf Öller: Go West!

Sebastian Kurz said goodbye to a race that he could no longer win. He starts a new race in pole position. He can be congratulated without envy that he was able to turn a defeat caused by defamation into a personal triumph. Someone has to imitate him first.

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1 January 2022 18:02

eXXpress columnist Rudolf Öller

The two most interesting roads in the United States are Route 66 from Chicago to Los Angeles and Highway 101, also known as Route 101. Highway 101 begins in the US state of Washington south of the metropolis of Seattle, circles the Olympic National Park, continues south and crosses the Columbia River on the border with the US state of Oregon. Further south, the 101 runs over the Golden Gate Bridge, winds through central San Francisco, continues through Silicon Valley and ends in Los Angeles.

Silicon Valley

The amazing thing about this highway is not only the breathtaking landscapes, but also the companies that were founded in the immediate vicinity. It starts in Seattle with Amazon, Boeing, Microsoft and Starbucks, continues in Oregon with Nike, Columbia and others and in Silicon Valley has companies of world importance by the dozen (Apple, Facebook, Google, Hewlett-Packard, Netflix, Intel, Yahoo , YouTube and many others).

Silicon Valley as the center of the modern computer industry was founded by students from Stanford University (nicknamed “the farm”). The think tank is just under an hour’s drive south of San Francisco and is now one of the best universities in the world. Thirty of his professors have so far been awarded a Nobel Prize.

Only a few kilometers from Stanford there is a single-family house with a garage in the small town of Los Altos. The original house number (11161) has since been changed to 2066 Crist Drive. Four decades ago, the sales genius Steve Jobs and his congenial electronics engineer Steve “The Woz” Wozniak built the first personal computer from bought-together components. This resulted in Apple, one of the most valuable companies on earth.

Route 101 still has a highlight at its end. If you change from Highway 101 to Highway 110 in downtown Los Angeles, which is a remnant of the old Route 66, you will reach the suburb of Pasadena after a few minutes. This is where the “California Institute of Technology”, or “Caltech” for short, is located. It is a world-class private university specializing in natural and engineering sciences.

The inhabitants of the American west coast are the descendants of pioneers and adventurers, i.e. particularly resilient people. Free thinking, inventiveness, ambition and optimism are the characteristics of the residents there. Former Chancellor Sebastian Kurz is now moving west to technology investor Peter Thiel, whose empire includes companies such as Founders Fund, Clarium Capital, Palantir and others. Together with Elon Musk, Thiel founded the online payment service PayPal and was the first large investor in the social network Facebook.

Go West!

Palantir Technologies is one of the most interesting companies in the Thiel Group. It is a US company founded in 2004 that develops software for the analysis of large amounts of data (“Big Data”). American intelligence services were among the first customers. As a result, other state authorities, large commercial enterprises and pharmaceutical companies were added. Palantir Technologies is now located in Denver (Colorado), whose name comes from the words Golthe and Silsee was derived. That fits, because data is considered the gold of the 21st century. Processing huge amounts of data is essential for large corporations to work successfully.

The terms USA and Kurz suffice for us to arouse envious people. Sentences like “I think Kurz really did politically traumatize me” appeared on Twitter at Christmas. Otherwise I would not think during the holidays about why a man without a university degree, … should take a management job in the private sector in the USA. “The Twitter complainers apparently have no idea. In American high-tech industries, neither noble nor academic titles count, but other qualities. In any case, hardly any of the Twitter bugs have a chance of even getting close to a highly paid American managerial post.

“Go West, young man!” Is a slogan that became popular in the USA around the middle of the 19th century. Mr. Kurz made it his own slogan. The phrase “the presumption of innocence applies” had taken on the sound of mockery in the last days of Kurz’s chancellorship. Mr. Kurz said goodbye to a race that he could no longer win. He starts a new race in pole position. Mr. Kurz can be congratulated without envy that he was able to turn a defeat caused by defamation into a personal triumph. Someone has to imitate him first.

Geological time periods

The young former chancellor does not have to worry about the prosecution by the economic and corruption prosecutor’s office. Apart from the fact that there will probably be no indictment due to thin evidence and a lack of evidence, the slow pace of the less productive authority on Dampfschiffstrasse (nomen est omen) plays a not insignificant role. There are two limit values ​​on the international speed scale. On the right is the speed of light and on the left the speed of the WKStA, whose haste corresponds to tectonic mountain formation in very long periods of time. A brief indictment, if at all, can only be expected under a later Minister of Justice at the earliest. In the event of a (very unlikely) conviction, a written copy of the verdict would be issued in the middle of the 21st century. As for the upcoming committee of inquiry, the popular Krisper / Krainer / Tomaselli will deliver the usual weekly witches’ Sabbath including an ÖVP curse. Nothing more can be expected from the questionable tribunal. In any case, Mr. Kurz doesn’t care about the new crazy theater. Chapeau!

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