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359 traffic fatalities: pandemic causes the second lowest number of victims in 71 years

359 traffic fatalities: pandemic causes the second lowest number of victims in 71 years

359 people lost their lives in road traffic in Austria in 2021. This is the second lowest number of victims since records in the Ministry of the Interior began in 1950. Mainly responsible: Corona.

Rene Rabeder
1 January 2022 10:45 am

The previous negative record was in 1972. At that time, 2948 traffic fatalities were reported. Since then, the number of registered motor vehicles has tripled. There were several reasons why there were “only” 359 deaths last year. Even if the daily task of the local police officers in 2021 was not insignificantly influenced by the corona pandemic, traffic monitoring was not neglected either. Of course, the comparatively low number of fatalities on Austria’s roads is not least due to measures to combat the virus. The keywords here are “lockdown” and “home office”.

“Continuing consistently”

Interior Minister Gerhard Karner (ÖVP) affirmed: “Every traffic accident with injuries or even death brings enormous suffering to the families concerned. We will rigorously continue on our path to keep the number of accidents as low as possible. On the one hand, with focus campaigns against drink-driving, drugs, speeding and jostling. On the other hand, we rely on awareness-raising and traffic education by police officers in kindergartens, schools and vocational schools. “

The details

In Burgenland there were eight road deaths last year (2020: 18), in Carinthia 38 (35), in Lower Austria 92 (90), in Upper Austria 91 (67), in Salzburg 24 (28), in Styria 50 (52) , in Tyrol 28 (26), in Vorarlberg 13 (16) and in Vienna 15 (12).


In the fatal traffic accidents in 2021, 161 car occupants lost their lives, 75 motorcyclists (including 19 with light motorcycles), 48 cyclists (including 22 with electric bikes), 35 pedestrians, 19 truck occupants (including 15 in small trucks) , 13 moped drivers (including one with an electric moped), three tractor handlebars, two handlebars for e-scooters, one microcar handlebar, one handlebar of a self-propelled work machine and one other person involved. The number of car occupants, cyclists and e-bike drivers, moped drivers and light motorcycle drivers killed has increased compared to 2020. The number of pedestrians killed has decreased.

6 children died – 3 of them in cars

Six children up to the age of 14 died in road traffic in 2021, three of them as car occupants, one as a pedestrian, one as a passenger on a moped and one as a cyclist.

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