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Activists celebrate the shutdown of nuclear power plants – and Putin is happy with them

Activists celebrate the shutdown of nuclear power plants – and Putin is happy with them

German opponents of nuclear power have celebrated the shutdown of the two plants as a success with light projections on the Brokdorf nuclear power plants in the German state of Schleswig-Holstein and Grohnde in Lower Saxony. The two power plants will be allowed to feed electricity into the grid for the last time on Friday. For critics, however, Germany is finally making itself open to blackmail with the nuclear phase-out.

Rene Rabeder
31 December 2021 09:29

“We are relieved that the worst case scenario of a core meltdown like the one in Chernobyl and Fukushima in Brokdorf did not occur,” said the anti-nuclear organization about its action in Brokdorf. The photos showed that the activists had illuminated the power plant with slogans such as “Dat Ding is ut”.

In Grohnde, Greenpeace demonstrated and shone the slogan “For a nuclear-free Europe” on the cooling tower of the power plant, as pictures showed. “Electricity from wind and sun is already significantly cheaper than nuclear power, and it is safer anyway. In order for the expansion of renewables to progress quickly enough, the (EU) Commission must not classify risky and dirty energies such as nuclear and gas as sustainable, ”said Heinz Smital from Greenpeace, according to a statement on the campaign. When the nuclear power plants in Brokdorf, Grohnde and Gundremmingen went offline at the turn of the year, only three nuclear power plants in Bavaria, Baden-Württemberg and Lower Saxony will supply electricity. In exactly one year, production will also be discontinued at these locations – the nuclear phase-out will then officially be over. However, two plants that produce fuel and fuel elements for export may continue to be operated.

Depending on the whims of nature and Putin’s

The activists’ joy is not shared by everyone. Almost the entire developed world relies on nuclear energy, which offers itself as a CO2-free and inexpensive alternative to coal and gas and, unlike sun, wind and water, is also capable of baseload, i.e. does not depend on the whims of nature. And not even from the whims of the Russian President. With the exit from nuclear energy, Germany is making itself open to blackmail for Putin.

What is the consequence of the German energy transition?

The German energy mix is ​​getting dirtier because coal and gas are replacing nuclear energy rather than sun and wind. After the nuclear phase-out, Germany will emit around 70 million tonnes of climate-damaging CO2 in addition.

The state has to pay the energy companies 2.43 billion euros as compensation.

Germany is increasingly becoming an energy importer and must now import nuclear power from the French and gas from Russia for expensive money.

The nuclear phase-out is

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