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Corona traffic light: Only two federal states have a very high risk

Corona traffic light: Only two federal states have a very high risk

The Corona Commission leaves the traffic light for Austria on “orange”, i.e. at high risk. However, two federal states remain deep red.

editorial staff
30 December 2021 16:52

The assessment of the epidemiological development of the past few days also meant that Burgenland was also again classified from medium yellow to high risk. This rating also applies to the majority of the remaining federal states, only Tyrol and Vorarlberg were rated as having a very high risk. Thus, Upper Austria and Carinthia have improved compared to the previous week and only Burgenland has deteriorated; the assessment of the remaining six federal states remained unchanged.

The decisive factor for the evaluation is the risk number, which takes into account not only the new infections but also the age of the person affected and the vaccination status. Below 50 you are in the yellow area, up to 100 the orange zone of high risk goes, above that the high risk sector begins. The final traffic light switch will be published on and in teletext on page 659. (APA / red)

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