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“Banging effect”: Viennese police pull firecrackers, weapons and drugs from circulation

“Bang effect”: Viennese police pull firecrackers, weapons and drugs from circulation

A particularly committed officer from the Vienna on-call unit was able to find out via social platforms that more and more pyrotechnic objects have been offered for sale in the last few days. There was therefore a focus action with the main focus on violations of the pyrotechnics law.

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30 December 2021 13:17

30 kilos of pyrotechnics

In the course of this focus, several people between the ages of 12 and 31 were stopped who, among other things, were carrying mostly pyrotechnic objects of class F4 without being in possession of a specialist certificate. A total of around 30kg of pyrotechnic objects, i.e. around 1,600 pieces, as well as several prohibited weapons and addictive substances were seized. All reported persons stated that they had acquired the items abroad.

Dangerous objects withdrawn from circulation

Numerous advertisements were placed under the Pyrotechnics Act, the Weapons Act and the Addictive Substances Act. The parents of the minors were reported to have violated their duties of supervision.
The weapons were handed over to the responsible police commissioners, the pyrotechnic objects were secured by specialists from the special unit Einsatzkommando Cobra / Directorate for Special Forces, transported away in a special transporter and subsequently destroyed.

Thanks to the decisive action of the officers of the Vienna Emergency Unit, it was possible to remove a large number of extremely dangerous objects from circulation.

Violations threaten hefty penalties

The Viennese police expressly warn against the use of unauthorized firecrackers and improper use of New Year’s Eve fireworks.
Most accidents and dangerous incidents involving pyrotechnic products can be traced back to carelessness, carelessness and improper or improper use. In particular, the forbidden and careless handling of pyrotechnics, mostly obtained from abroad, without the required quality and approval criteria, harbors great potential for danger.

In the event of violations of the provisions of the Pyrotechnics Act, the user faces possible penalties as well as administrative penalties of up to 3600 euros.

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