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Austrians also pay for pensions for terrorist families

Austrians also pay for pensions for terrorist families

Under the name “Pay for Slay”, the Palestinian Authority pays “success bonuses” and pensions to the survivors of Islamist terrorists who have killed or injured Jews. The money also comes from the coffers of the Austrian taxpayers.

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28 December 2021 12:01 pm

Wives, mothers or children of fallen or imprisoned “martyrs” who have killed or injured Jews can expect up to 3000 euros per month. Only a part of the money comes from our own sources – a considerable percentage comes from EU funding for schools and the development of infrastructure. Austria also pays several million euros for the Palestinian refugee aid organization.

Suspected terrorists imprisoned in Israel are mostly seen as martyrs and freedom fighters for Islamic Palestine.ABBAS MOMANI / AFP

Aid agency bought anti-Semitic books for Palestinian schools

Independent of the EU payments, Austria also signed a new contract for two million euros in tax money in August with the Palestinian Relief Organization, which works closely with the Palestinian Authority. The new contract was concluded in addition to the three-year contract, which was endowed with a sum of 5.7 million euros and was signed in 2020. The Palestinian Refugee Association has long been criticized for paying for school books in which the 1972 Munich attackers are celebrated as heroes and anti-Semitic content is conveyed. A terrorist who tore 13 Israeli children to their deaths is also venerated as a martyr in the books. As we sit here today, there are around 1.3 million children in schools learning about this hateful junk. These children need to be protected from radicalization by the Palestinian Authority, ”said Marcus Sheff, who led the study at Impact-re, who made this grievance known.

The Austrian representative shakes hands with Karim Amer, the chief secretary of the UNHCR and responsible at UNRWA.UNRWA.org

USA and Israel cut subsidies, EU continues to pay

The Palestinian Authority in Ramallah receives a large part of its total budget from taxes that Israel collects for it. This year, however, because of the new anti-terror law, Israel transferred almost 160 million euros less to Ramallah – exactly the amount that the PA made available for the “martyr families” this year. As early as 2020, the US government decided to stop sending aid payments to the Palestinian Authority, as they could not guarantee that the money would flow into development aid. However, Brussels made 320.55 million euros available to the Palestinians last year, 152.5 million euros of which went to the autonomous authority through the “Pegase” program, a spokeswoman told the Bild newspaper. The EU paid 86.6 million euros to the Palestinian aid agency UNRWA.

“Questionable EU Payment Practices”

“The fact that the EU has not yet taken action against ‘Pay for Slay’ is the most glaring example of the fact that it does not stand up for its own principles,” said Alina Bricman, director of the NGO B’nai B’rith in Brussels, about these very questionable payment practices criticized the EU to the Palestinians in a report.

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