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TV-Medicus explains: “Is the virus only dangerous after 10 p.m.?”

TV-Medicus explains: “Is the virus only dangerous until 10 p.m.?”

“Is the virus safe until 10 p.m.?” – eXXpress editor-in-chief Richard Schmitt asks this question at the beginning of the current issue of the health magazine. Expert Dr. In any case, Marcus Franz suspects that even the advisory staff does not seem to have any precise information. If you want to have useful information, you have to turn on “Medicus”! And it’s easy to do before curfew: Sunday, 8.15 p.m. on eXXpressTV.

editorial staff
26 December 2021 15:10

The federal government ordered curfew from 10 p.m. (also on New Year’s Eve) – and adhered to the advice of the GECKO expert commission. Whether this makes sense from a medical point of view can of course be questioned. Dr. Marcus Franz explains, for example, that an omicron wave could possibly even have a positive effect on the course of the pandemic. Mild courses paired with a high vaccination rate could ensure good immunity in the population.

You should not miss this and other exciting topics this week either.

Sunday, 8:15 pm: “Medicus – the health magazine” on eXXpressTV!

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