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The TV-Medicus Christmas video: The WHO vaccination guidelines

The TV-Medicus Christmas video: The WHO vaccination guidelines

Christmas is the festival of contemplation and love – also of contemplation and charity. In this sense, eXXpressTV-Medicus reminds Dr. Marcus Franz to the WHO recommendations on vaccination, and who really needs immunization against corona most of all.

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24 December 2021 08:28

The Christ Child is already approaching, the first Christmas wishes are arriving and eXpressTV Medicus Dr Marcus Franz is also sending a message to the world via Twitter for the festive season: namely, regarding the corona vaccination. In a short video, Dr. Franz to the recommendations of the WHO on immunization and for whom the vaccination is really important: And these are the risk groups in our society, not about “vaccinating the children across the board”, explains the medicus.

There is a good reason for this recommendation and a serious background: the supply of vaccinations is not inexhaustible and, as with so many things, western countries have an abundance here while poor countries have far too few resources. With this in mind, “we should strive to vaccinate those people who need it most,” recalls Dr. Marcus Franz and wishes a Merry Christmas. Here is the clip to look it up:

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