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Fraud in the DEL: Bietigheim player suddenly disappeared

Fraud in the DEL: Bietigheim player suddenly disappeared

Avery Peterson (26) was signed by the Bietigheim Steelers in early December. He passed the medical check and even played a game for the DEL club. But suddenly Peterson disappeared quietly and secretly – the club only found his car and his key.

editorial staff
23 December 2021 10:14

An extremely curious story happened at the Bietigheim Steelers in the DEL (near Stuttgart). US star Avery Peterson (26) is under contract with the Steelers. The American completed a medical check-up at the beginning of December, was well received by the team and even played a league game. So far so good! But then Peterson fled home quietly and secretly. The club did not know anything about this until recently. Now the Bietigheim Steelers have made a statement.

The American should have played on December 17th. For the Bietigheim Steelers, the duel against the Iserlohn Roosters was on the program (5: 2). But before the game, Peterson called in sick. He couldn’t play, so the reasoning. Besides, he would hardly have slept. He also wanted to go back to the USA. The Steelers wanted to send a doctor over for him. He refused, although his agent also tried to influence him. Instead, Peterson went to the United States. The Bietigheim Steelers knew nothing about it.

The club then found out that Peterson had quietly joined another club in the United States. As if that weren’t enough, the ice hockey player even had another agent who no one knew about. The association is now examining the extent to which legal steps can be taken with regard to breach of contract and claims for damages. The Bietigheim Steelers have already been in contact with the International Ice Hockey Federation (IIHF) in this regard.

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