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Omicron suspicion in anti-corona demo

Omicron suspicion in anti-corona demo

One of the participants in an anti-corona demonstration that took place in Klagenfurt last Saturday was likely to have included a person infected with the Omikron variant. That became known on Wednesday. The person from the Villach-Land district was corona-positive at the time of the demonstration and, according to the country, highly infectious.

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22 December 2021 11:19

The suspected case is the result of a mutation screening of the central laboratory of the Kabeg, said the state press service. The sample was sent to Vienna for confirmation by means of whole genome sequencing.

The person concerned is in quarantine and contact tracing is in progress. Since many of the participants did not keep their distance and did not wear masks on Saturday, all demonstrators were asked to monitor their health. If symptoms appear, the health hotline 1450 should be contacted immediately.

Virus variant reached the German Bundestag

The spread of the Coronavirus variant Omikron has also reached the German Bundestag. According to information from the body on Wednesday, two MPs with a Covid-19 infection not recognized at the time, including the two variants Delta and Omikron, took part in the constituent meeting of the Defense Committee.

The committee’s secretariat then wrote to MEPs informing them that “an infection with the Omicron virus had been announced”. As a result, the warning app also showed a red warning to numerous defense politicians. The politicians wore masks at the meeting last Wednesday, but usually remove them when speaking. (APA / red)

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