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(Not) a cracker! Supermarkets stop selling fireworks

(Not) a cracker! Supermarkets stop selling fireworks

This bang is quieter: after Penny, Spar has now also positioned itself against fireworks. “Out of respect and protection for people, animals and our climate” is the reason why they will no longer sell firecrackers.

Rene Rabeder
21 December 2021 12:41

Fireworks and firecrackers can only be bought in hardware stores: After Penny, Spar Austria (and thus the last local supermarket) has now decided not to sell any more fireworks. “Rockets and firecrackers cause animals to suffer, they pollute our good air with fine dust, pollute our floors and injure numerous people. These are reasons enough for us to stop selling fireworks, ”said board member Markus Kaser, explaining the decision.

Animal rights activists are calling for a permanent ban

“Every year it is a terrible stress for a lot of pets, but of course also for birds and other wild animals. But we also want a permanent ban. Activities that harm animals and the environment are simply no longer justifiable these days, “says Vier-Pfoten campaign manager Veronika Weissenböck, expressing her hope for a nationwide ban on fireworks.

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